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Five Important Myths Related to DNA Tests

Taking a DNA test is common and simple today. People taking these tests should not assume similar results from their siblings. It is not necessary to have the same gene expression in your genome. Majority of the persons taking this test face surprising results. It has been noticed that DNA test becomes interesting when it shows mixing of other races such as African, Spanish or European in a person who lives in Asia. It is difficult to find the true blood today but it can only be confirmed with the help of this test. Those who are thinking to take the DNA test should not forget to see the following myths at

DNA test results would be similar:

For example, a person can’t assume similar outcomes if his brother or sister has taken this test. No doubt, you have same parents but there are higher chances of genomic diversity in your genetic makeup. With the passage of time, it has been studied thoroughly by the experts. Interesting results and outcomes of these studies have been published in different journals. You are suggested to be curious about these publications in order to see the consequences. Concept of having similar DNA test results is totally wrong even among the siblings.

DNA test is enough to make family tree:

This is another concept which is wrong. There is a need to study the DNA and its role in preparation of family tree. It would be great to find the actual proportion of DNA and other tools to complete the family tree at Remember, DNA testing is only a segment or procedure which can add additional information about the genomic setup of a person and its relationship with other family members.

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People are afraid of needles:

This is another myth related to the DNA sampling. Most of the people refuse to take this test because of needles. As a matter of fact, there is no needle involved in the DNA sampling. Taking a sample of DNA from the human body is simple and painless. A simple buccal swab is used to obtain the DNA from the inner checks. Don’t take tension about the needles whenever you are asked to give the samples.

Identifying Y-DNA is difficult:

Most of the women believe that they can’t identify the father because there is no Y-DNA from the father’s side. It is true up to some extent but it is not totally impossible. You are suggested to take the DNA sample of your father’s brother, sister or someone from his side. This can be done with the help of information available at

DNA testing provides medical details:

Well, there is no link of DNA and medical reports. There is no link of your DNA and health condition. You are suggested to take other tests in order to uncover the health problems. People who are interested to obtain the health information such as blood group, blood pressure, sugar level and others should contact physicians to learn about proper tests.

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